Welcome! Our goal is to share with you the Ephesus model: God’s unified plan for urban ministry composed of the counsel from the Bible and the writings of Ellen G. White. Our sister organization Simplicity Outreach is the practical application of the principles we’ve discovered. We have been blessed by sharing this information with others, that God indeed has a method for reaching the cities with the Hope of Jesus Christ! Please freely share the information contained in these pages.

New Downloadable Presentation

See our Ephesus Model quick start guide to understand the history of Adventist city ministry, the Apostle Paul’s model and the how-to’s of urban evangelism in a modern context.

3 Ways to Experience the Ephesus Model


Here you’ll find all our downloadable content including a bible study guide, our compilation of E. G. White’s writings on city ministries, and a simple guide to help you understand the Ephesus Model.


You can listen to live presentations on urban ministry, including the History of City Missions in the Adventist Church and The Ephesus Model presented by Dr. Jeffrey McAuliffe from our 2015 ACM Conference.


Simplicity Outreach is a real life implementation of the Ephesus Model, a “center of influence” located in Allentown PA. Read about our programs, activities, and ways we’re reaching out to our community.